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About the project

The aim of the project is to raise awareness among the citizens of the City of Ozalj and the municipalities of Kamanje, Žakanje, Ribnik and Draganić about the importance of responsible treatment of municipal waste, with a special emphasis on waste prevention, proper separation of household waste, home composting and reuse of items, with the aim of reducing the amount of waste being landfilled.

Waste is one of the key problems of modern civilization and an inevitable consequence of our lifestyle, a by-product of every household.

Did you know?
The average quantity of waste produced by each resident in one calendar year amounts to 386kg.

Waste is not garbage, but a valuable raw material that must be separately collected, recycled and reused. This responsible way of waste treatment helps preserve the environment and nature and ensures a healthier and BETTER FUTURE for ourselves and future generations.

Recycling produces useful secondary raw materials from waste, which save energy and natural resources during new production, while reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and pollutes the environment.

Managing waste

A fully sustainable management system is an essential component of the modern society and its development and efficiency are important economic determinants that encourage waste prevention, reuse of useful materials, separate waste collection and recycling.

The implementation of such a system is a priority in the protection of the environment and human health.

In order to be able to fully manage waste, we must adhere to the order of priority that prescribes steps for the disposal of waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Total project value: HRK 443,508.92
Amount co-financed by the EU: HRK 376,982.57
Reference number: KK.

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